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What a night! The reception we had at our table was amazing. Everyone who came and saw our work was blown away, and I’m ecstatic that the word is getting out about this amazing software! I’m definitely going to be doing this as a passion project from now on, both musically and educationally. Not only…


Synth V. The software that I believe will change classrooms. Synth V is the software I’m using for my special project this semester. There’s a lot to talk about so I’ll try to make this as cohesive as possible. WHAT IS SYNTH V? – A HISTORY OF VOCAL SYNTHESIS Synth V is a vocal synthesis…

Week 11&12 – Some Bits and Pieces

This lesson was more to discuss our special projects. There’s not much to talk about here as everything about the project will be in my project posts, but I will say I’m very excited! Week 12 was also in the same vein as this. We worked a lot on our projects, but in the end…